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Friday, November 25, 2005

Lost: Collision

Lost: 2.8. So Ana Lucia was a gun happy hothead even before she boarded the plane. Super. Maybe she learned something this episode, particularly when Sayid tried to explain to her that revenge has no point when life has lost meaning. With all the theories floating around that the Lostaways are already dead, it’s interesting that both characters mentioned they feel dead. I don’t buy this theory, though. From Ana’s backstory, we have no idea why she was in Australia, but we learned she was indeed a cop, as was her mother who looked like she must have given birth to Ana quite young. Ana had a husband or boyfriend named Danny who left when she couldn’t cope with a shooting (also caused by an error of her judgement) that took the life of her unborn child. The police force sent her to some sort of psychologist, but one obviously specializing in ineptitude. Thanks for the help, NOT. Ana’s continued questions to the Lostaways and Others she meets as to whether they have children, and her concern for the kids from the plane crash, make more sense now.

We were very proud of Michael for standing up to Ana, and then later Bernard and the rest of the group for leaving her to find the Lostaway camp. And for Eko’s taking Sawyer to the doomsday hatch, which he said he did for his own sake, not Sawyer’s. I didn’t understand that statement, unless it just meant he was no longer accepting Ana’s leadership or felt it necessary to obey what seems to be an altruistic nature. Let’s hope Ana can learn from her experiences on the island thus far, gain some closure, and become a better person, possibly with Jack’s help, before anyone else has to suffer her quick trigger. One thing’s for sure, the Lostaways aren’t going to take any more barked orders and enforced leadership from her.

Guess we’ll see if Locke’s filling in clue 42 as Gilgamesh in the crossword puzzle turns prophetic. Locke’s meeting of Eko and their reticent exchange of “Hi” was wonderfully funny. I didn’t as much enjoy the intended comic relief of Jack challenging Kate to a golf game because I don’t care for his ego, although it was nice to see her wallop him. Do we think Kate is not the golf novice she claims to be or is “the woman on bloody steroids” as Charlie thinks? I didn’t understand why Sayid didn’t tell Michael that he and Shannon had seen Walt, or a version thereof. Even though it’s only been around 49 days there, it’s been far past a year here that Rose and Bernard have been separated. Their reunion was a joy to witness. And nice to see Jin hug Sun. Nice to see Jin, anytime! Best line: “Ignore him, he’s an idiot.” Next up: what really happened to Kate.


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