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Sunday, November 13, 2005


The character of Sawyer on Lost is continually giving new and funny nicknames to the rest of the cast. One of the Lost forums has been keeping track of them, so I'll copy the majority here. The other Lostaways do this too. For a complete list, checkout the Lost Hatch.
Boone: Metro, Son
Hurley: Lardo, Pork Pie, Stay Puff
Jack: Hero, Doctor/Doc, JackO, St. Jack, Chico, Cowboy, Dr. Quinn, Dr. DoRight, Sherriff, Brother, Hoss
Kate: Freckles, Sweetheart, Belle of the Ball, Sherriff, Baby, Sassafras, Boar Expert, the Mighty Huntress, The Lady, Sweet Cheeks, Puddin'
Sayid: Abdul, Al Jazeera, Omar, Captain Falafel, Muhammed, Ali, Arab, Abu, Genius, Sheik, Buddy, "the terrorist", Chief, Gen-u-ine I-raqi
Shannon: Sticks, Sweetcheeks
Charlie: Sport, Amigo, Rock God, VH1 has-been, Limey runt, Chucky
Walt: Tattoo, Short Round, Kid, Kazoo
Jin: Mr. Miyagi, Bruce, Chief, Cato, Sulu, Boy, Chewie
Sun: Betty
Michael: Daddy, Pilot, Chief, Mikey, Han, Hoss
Claire: Mamacita, Missy Claire
Ana Lucia: Sweetcheeks, Sister, Cupcake, Rambina, Hot Lips, Ponce de Leon
Mr. Eko: Shaft, Mr. Ed
Aaron: Baby Huey
Ethan: Jungle Boy


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