The Universe and Me

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

24: 9-10 & 10-11 a.m.

24. 5.3. Jack climbs into the ceiling to avoid capture by and to spy on the Hostiles. He calls Buchanan and sends photos of Hostiles to CTU to identify. The Hostiles are sporting somewhat Russian accents and explosive vests controlled by scruffy Lead Hostile named something like Baresh who may be a grown up Berus from Season 4, graduated past shovels. He’s part of a faction called the Dawn Brigade who do not want the impending anti-terrorism alliance, but rather, national sovereignty. If the summit isn’t cancelled and the accord refuted, they’ll execute hostages like so. Yikes. Curtis (oh great, I have to worry again for the next five months that he won’t survive the day) and his CTU field ops are on the scene but they can’t seem to get themselves prepared to attack. Jack interrupts Chloe counting her violations. He needs the secondary detonations trigger frequency, whatever that is. Chloe turns to Spencer for his expertise bandwidth processing and can you blame her? The phone’s slow on the reboot, but Jack manages to blow up one Hostile and postpone Grunge Boy’s execution. Martha tracks down the phone records in the men’s bathroom, then the archive room where written transcripts are kept as backup. Walt clues in Head Honcho Blofeld and his big screen TV’s that Jack’s in the airport so Baresh jams his cell phone. If Jack doesn’t come out of hiding, they’ll shoot Grunge Boy. Well, if Blofeld keeps watching TV in the dark, he’s gonna have a whopper of a headache. Best line: Chloe’s sarcastic “Do you want me to figure out whose face that is or I could just go wait in holding?”

5.4. Logan is advised to continue the signing because if he gives in, the Hostiles will kill the hostages anyway. Good we can all trust each other. Enter into CTU hobbit/micromanager Lynn McGill who made me wonder if Peter Jackson really had to use much if any forced perspective on Lord of the Rings. McGill wants to see the playbook, so perhaps the football game is still on. Baresh has Jack call Curtis and tell the ops to storm the emergency door south of Gate 12. Jack throws in that he’s in a Flank 2 Position but Curtis is too slow on the uptake to catch his meaning. Walt threatens Martha’s handmaiden Padme/Evelyn. Jack hawks the Intel chip in his spare time. McGill’s not satisfied with Jack’s being out of touch for over twenty minutes and wants transcripts of the calls. Talk to Martha, Sam. Jack sees Baresh hand a hostage in a conspicuous yellow tie a key card. Then Baresh starts spouting some psychotic, surreal poetry about the black night being broken. Huh? McGill figures out that Flank 2 was the duress code (nothing like the dress code) when Jack was active so Curtis has the troops stand down. They buy time by claiming there’s a malfunction on the entry charges, giving Logan and his way too Naziish arm wave the chance to sign the treaty. Then half the place explodes. Jack shoots Baresh in the wrist before he can off himself, but he can’t stop him from blowing up the Hostiles. Yellow Tie Guy goes missing. He sneaks the key card to some pals who open and lift the lid off a big metal box containing canisters of nerve gas. Walt chloroforms Martha and steals the phone transcript she stole. Next up: Chloe and Edgar form a pairs ice skating team and prepare to compete in the Olympics.


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