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Friday, January 13, 2006

Lost: The 23rd Psalm

Lost. 2.10. First, it has to be said that six weeks is too long to wait between new episodes. There. Now on with the show. Claire seemed to have chosen Aaron’s name for no particular reason but Eko knows the writers better than that. He tells us of the Biblical Aaron who spoke for his brother Moses and through the hour we see the parallels between Eko and his own brother, Yemi, whose priestly role he has assumed. Some themes are brought up again. Sacrifice: as a child, Eko sacrificed his future to save his brother’s. Stolen children: Much like The Others, the Nigerians were also stealing (or enlisting) children.

Charlie proclaims he’s lost and I second that. I don’t understand why Yemi called the military to stop the plane taking off. Seems he would have known they’d use guns to do so. Why would the missionaries have airplanes? We were never told why Eko was in Australia. For some unknown reason, the swirly black smoke monster showed him scenes of his life. So what did it show Locke? Did Eko purposely leave behind his “Jesus stick” after the encounter? Why would Locke and Michael waste a jar of perfectly good ranch salad dressing for target practice? How did Locke know or know how to crack the combination on the door?

Well, clearly Dom needs some tree climbing lessons from Evie. And Evie needs some haircutting tips from anyone. Good on Claire for kicking Charlie out. Best wisecrack was Sawyer’s “Yo yourself, Pillsbury” to Hurley, the doughboy, or boy with the dough. The commercial made me hope someday Sawyer will choose to call Kate “sugar pie honey bunch.” Next up: Michael goes commando and The Others get possessive of their little island.


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