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Friday, January 27, 2006

Lost: Fire + Water

Lost. 2.12. Were those bunny slippers Little Charlie was wearing? I used to have some cat slippers at about that age. Since Liam’s wife named her daughter after his mother, chances are Megan’s no longer living, would we say? Charlie’s pushing his brother (who somewhat resembles my pseudo husband, or perhaps I’ve gone totally batty) to get clean after the baby was born nicely parallels his trying to take responsibility for Aaron and staying off drugs to do so. Only trouble is, he can’t be honest, so Claire can’t allow it. Claire’s hair seems to have grown very fast these past few weeks. And is there a stash of mascara and lipstick in the hatch that she’s using?

The real question is, did Locke somehow drug Charlie to cause him to have those dreams/visions since it appears the one thing Charlie is telling the truth about, as far as we know, is that he’s not on drugs. Apart from losing his mind, everything’s peachy. Locke follows him to the heroin stash and packs up the Mary’s, believing Charlie feels like he has to save the baby since he can’t save himself. To take attention away from Aaron so he can steal him, Charlie sets a fire. Locke punches him and no one feels bad about it. So why does Locke save the statues in the hatch? For future medicinal or nefarious purposes? And why change the door’s combination? His punching Charlie seemed harsh, unless he meant it to be an example to the Lostaways not to step out of line. Nice authority complex, there.

Hurley/Jabba has a little love connection brewing over Libby but he’s waiting for his moment, which, with Sawyer’s big mouth, is now, Hos. While folding the laundry, Hurley thinks he recognizes Libby from more than stepping on her foot while boarding the plane. Could it be from his days in the mental hospital? And what are the odds that Libby is lying and isn’t a psychologist at all, but was once a patient? Interesting she noticed what viewers did last fall: the washer and dryer are newer than everything else in the hatch. Meanwhile Eko’s marking the trees he likes. Claire decides Charlie’s revelation that Aaron needs to be baptized isn’t so loony after all. Eko’s Biblical interpretation is a bit off again, so we’re guessing he’s a self-appointed priest, not a real one. Most astute line: Locke’s “Trust is a hard thing to win back.” Next: They’re not scared enough.


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