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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Country Mouse, City Mouse

Movie: Junebug. I’m not sure I came away with the understanding it wanted me to, having been raised in the country myself and preferring its simplicity to the hectic, often shallow, hedonistic, and mercenary lifestyle of metropolitan areas. So, with my background, I couldn’t tell if the country family was supposed to be seen as backwards or not. To me, they seemed like much better people, caring about their family and faith, than the city girl who visits, who only cares about her job and making money. I was hoping seeing her husband in that atmosphere, in a new way, was making her appreciate his true qualities, which she didn’t seem aware of at all. But then at the end, they’re so glad to be leaving the embarrassing hick family and going back to “real” civilization. So I guess they learned nothing. The best part of this movie was the amazing performance of Amy Adams as Ashley, the sister-in-law. When she first appears, you wonder if she’s slightly retarded or mental. Within a few minutes, her exuberance and charm win you over and you become as captivated with her as she is with life.


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