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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Lost : The Hunting Party

Lost. 2.11. Flashback: Some possibly Italian guy with a spinal tumor wants miracle worker Jack to perform surgery even though he’s not a candidate and Jack (ego not checked at the door) agrees. Italian daughter, Gabriella, distraught when the surgery fails, kisses Jack who actually goes home and confesses to his not pregnant wife Sarah who confesses she’s leaving him because she’s seeing someone else (named Desmond, perhaps?) So, was she lying about being pregnant? Who knows. Back on the island: Michael goes as wild and crazy as his hair, locks Locke and Jack in the munitions room (whose combination does not appear to be any of the Numbers) and goes searching for Walt so Jack, Locke and Sawyer have to hunt him down. It’s boy’s day out or something and Jack refuses to give in to Kate’s whines of not wanting to be left behind to play who’s got the button.

Locke is curious about Sawyer’s name but wonders more how Jack plans to convince Michael to return with them as “something tells me he might be past listening to reason.” At least 7 gunshots sound out and Jack runs towards them, as any one would. Anyone insane. Deliverance Other Zeke corners them for a talk. Walt’s fine but the island belongs to the Others and they’re only letting the Lostaways live on it. If they cross this line, he’ll shoot Kate who he’s conveniently kidnapped because she couldn’t mind Jack’s orders. The guys give in and trek home, with no one asking Kate if she found out any Other information. Or wondering what’s on the Other’s side of the island that they don’t want the Lostaways to see.

Meanwhile, Jin’s not thrilled with the cute hat Sun makes him wear, but she didn’t like him dictating her life back home all those years either. Charlie and Hurley wonder who the band Geronimo Jackson was. Mostly Hurley wonders if he has a chance with Libby. Claire continues to bond with Locke. Jack questions Ana Lucia about training an army. So many good lines. From Locke: “Who are we to tell anyone what they can or can’t do?” From Jack: “Why don’t you go back and see if I hurt her feelings?” And a bunch from Sawyer whose perpetual sarcasm could make the weather report funny: “Did you just throw a banana at me?” “Maybe they went out for ice cream.” “There’s my favourite leaf!” “All you need is an earring and a mop” (re: Locke looking like Mr Clean.) “I probably would have gone around Mt Vesuvius.” Next up: it’s not looking good for Baby Aaron.


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