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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Wedding Bell Blues

Movie: Wedding Crashers. If it’s true that humour is generational, then I may be a little too old for this movie. Which isn’t to say I didn’t find a lot of it funny. The first third, in particular, was fast paced and exceptionally clever. The ideas of wagering over things like which clichéd Bible verse the couple has chosen or whether the bride is a crier, and how the Crashers insinuate themselves into these families by creating elabourate backstories were hilarious. As were their numerous Crasher Buddy Rules. But when Owen and Vince (advice to Ms Aniston: run Jen, run like the wind!) go home with a dysfunctional socialite family, each one of whom is more certifiable than the last, the movie takes an ugly, crass, crude and unacceptable turn. Are all millennium men stuck at age thirteen? So much promise, gone so fast. Anyway, some good lines: “The real enemy is the institution of marriage.” “Please don’t take a turn to Negative Town.” “I’m not picking on love because I don’t think friendship exists either.”


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