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Friday, March 03, 2006

Lost: Maternity Leave

2.15. Aaron has a fever and Danielle once again appears from out of nowhere to spook Claire into thinking he’s infected with the sickness her team had, if they had it at all and Danielle didn’t just imagine it in her insanity. Deciding she must unblock her missing memories, Claire has Libby hypnotize her. She remembers being in a hospital room where a doctor injected medicine into her unborn baby. Turns out the doctor was Ethan. Down the hall, a baby room was set up, complete with a mobile that played “Catch a Falling Star,” a song that should have been familiar to Claire, had she not been loopy on meds. Ethan was interrupted by a cleaned up Zeke who said something cryptic about needing to make a list before bringing Claire in and how their superior isn’t going to be happy. Despite having a cabinet of medicine, Ethan says there isn’t enough vaccine for Claire and the baby. Once she delivers, she can return to the camp. She believed him, but another girl there knew she’d be killed and helped her escape.

Thelma and Louise (Kate and Danielle) help Claire find this medical 3rd hatch, which by now has also been abandoned. Looking inside some lockers, Kate finds costumes the Others have been wearing. But will she tell anyone? There’s no vaccine, so the gals leave. On the way home, Claire remembers Danielle found her after her escape. So she wouldn’t return to Ethan, Danielle knocked her out and carried her back to the Lostaways. Claire figures the Other girl who helped her was the long lost Alex.

Meanwhile, in hopes of sharing some literary analysis, Locke gives Henry a Dostoyevsky novel to pass the time though Henry would prefer a less dense Stephen King. Somehow Locke knows Hemingway was jealous of Dostoyevsky and Henry knows Locke is jealous of Jack. Eko takes a break from chopping down trees to spill his guts to Henry about the two Others he killed, making us believe he believes Henry is an Other, though so far no one has any proof. Sawyer’s found some new glasses. Ethan insisted the Others are good people but we’ve only seen evidence to the contrary. Next: the Lostaways go in search of the balloon and Sun might be in the Pudding Club.


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