The Universe and Me

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

24: 1-2 a.m.

24. 5.19. Audrey appears to be fine. At least Jack with his trusty wire thinks so. Didn’t Henderson hit an artery after all? Did Jack give up the recording for nothing? I’m starting to get tired here. The writers seem overly fond of the “doing what I thought was best for this country” mantra this season/day. Over at Bill’s house, Chloe slips through his subnet to access CTU’s satellite stream, or similar, even though Bill’s computer is kind of pathetic. Not wanting to end up like Walt Cummings, Henderson keeps the recording as protection from Logan. Using Chloe’s magic powers of surveillance, Jack tracks down Henderson who’s out of ammunition. He does, though, have a contingency plan. He has to contact his men every fifteen minutes or Heller will be toast. Heller confirms there’s a chopper with a laser on him. But he’s nobody’s pawn. He drives his car off a cliff, into a lake. More disturbing: Jack said “copy that” three times before the first commercial. He must be tired too.

Okay, so Henderson has the recording. He just doesn’t have it on him. He handed it off to someone seconds before Jack found him. Whoever it is drives back to the airport. Logan’s security guys lock Martha, who's concerned about Aaron's disappearance, in a room and blame a glitch in the scheduling software. We’ve all heard that one before. CTU realizes Chloe has escaped and that Sherry didn’t try to stop her (never underestimate Chloe’s powers of intimidation!) and that Chloe is accessing their system remotely. They trace her to Bill’s and send a team to retrieve her. There are too many loose ends and too many unknown villains. Now there’s a whole room of them, seemingly lead by some bald guy who smells doubt.

While I’m left wondering what doubt smells like, Henderson tries playing mind games with Audrey. Her father may be breathing in an air pocket. She doesn’t buy it, but she can’t shoot him either. Jack sends Curtis to help her while he tries to figure out a way on the chartered diplomatic flight the recording is leaving on. Karen starts to think things through and asks Mike, who must be in the loop. He tells her there’s no loop. She gives Bill the heads up to save Chloe who’s trying to find the plane’s passenger list to explain those union jack flags. Beneath his trusted hoodie, which renders him invisible as a cloaked Harry Potter, Jack sneaks into the luggage hold. Next: Hi-Jack! And Tony Blair may have some ‘splaining to do.


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