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Friday, April 14, 2006

Lost : S.O.S.

Lost. 2.19. Ruth’s not bothered by the sudden food drop, but Bernard was raised to question. As were more viewers of this show. His idea is to build a huge SOS sign out of lava rocks so the next plane flying overhead will see it. Ruth admonishes him for giving the Lostaways false hope. We learn the couple met only recently, somewhere in New York state, possibly near Niagara Falls since they dined at a restaurant overlooking its tremendous view. Bernard proposed to her there but she had to tell him the illness she’s been in remission with has returned and doctors give her only a year to live. Bernard wants to marry her all the same. They honeymoon in the Australian Outback which seems an odd choice until Bernard takes her to Australian faith healer Isaac Didntcatchlastname. Anyone notice the article on a lottery winner in the magazine Ruth looked at? Isaac spouts some mumbo jumbo about harnessing magnetic energy (anything to do with the island’s experiments in same?) but realizes quickly he can’t help her type of energy. She tells Bernard, though, that Isaac healed her. Talk about giving false hope! Back in the present, Ruth explains the island really healed her. Though there’s no proof, she thinks leaving it would bring back her illness. Bernard doesn’t question this like I do.

Otherwise: Locke is frustrated trying to recreate the hatch map. Or he’s frustrated because creepy Fake Henry’s comments about not pushing the button have tested his faith. Ruth reminds him of the island’s abilities and he regains it. We learn that before boarding the doomed flight, Ruth saw Locke in his wheelchair and he saw her with her medicines. Eko is building a church, with help from Charlie. I like the Frogurt nickname for the Frozen Yogurt guy. Fake Henry’s gone on a hunger strike. Jack takes up his tradeoff idea. They’ll give Fake Henry back to the others in exchange for Walt. Dr Giggles asks Kate (because everyone else turns him down) to accompany him. Kate finally mentions the medical hatch and the costumes, which she hadn’t because she didn’t appreciate being out of the loop. They reach the Do Not Cross Line and after awhile some lunatic runs towards them. Turns out to be Michael. Good lines: “You bunk with a guy for 48 days and now he doesn’t call or write.” “Union trouble down at the sand factory, Norma Rae?” And Ruth’s “We’re lost.” Who isn’t? Next: Michael thinks the Lostaways can take the Others.


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