The Universe and Me

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

24: 10-11 p.m.

24. 5.16. They don’t prolong the suspense. Jack carries Brit Hostile out to the “staging area” as Curtis honestly called it. The explosions have taken care of the Canisters of Death. Now finding the slippery Henderson is their priority. Aaron sneaks Wayne into the Presidential Compound to talk with his brother’s source, the First Lady’s handmaiden Evelyn. She won’t reveal who’s behind everything until they rescue her daughter Amy who was kidnapped an hour ago. They’ll all meet Jack in some barn located conveniently close to downtown LA. Miles has whipped up a statement distorting the day’s events to blame Bill that he wants Audrey to sign. Never mind that CTU tortured her, Audrey would rather save her dignity than her career. At least until Jack calls. He needs the schematics of Henderson’s next lair. Chloe can triangulate the schematics or whatever she does to get them, except Homeland Security is about to replace her.

Here comes the quote of the episode: “I have a working relationship with Chloe. She is an asset that you cannot afford to lose.” Let’s hope the writers understand that line applies to more than CTU. Homeland agrees to keep Chloe on in exchange for Audrey’s signature. Henderson calls Evelyn and wonders why Wayne is at the Compound. Since the VP saw him, the gang is going with the assumption that he’s in with the bad guys. Henderson gives her an address to meet him and Chloe uploads its schematic to Jack’s PDA. Once there, Jack and Wayne take out four guards. As Amy is being returned to Evelyn, there’s a shootout. Henderson drives off in her car. Evelyn’s been hit but the wound isn’t serious. But wait, it’s not the VP who’s behind this. It’s the P. Yup, President Weenie. Next: Jack tries to make a deposit at the bank but they’d rather he didn’t.


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