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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Just the right sound

Movie: Cherish. Despite having some flaws in the character motivation and plothole departments, this was surprisingly engaging, compelling and entertaining. It starts with a twenty-something gal named Zoe (excellently portrayed by Robin Tunney) crashing a work party she, as the office loser, wasn’t invited to. She ends up framed for a policeman’s death and placed under house arrest. The movie turns into a thriller towards the end as she becomes desperate to find the real murderer and evade being killed by him. The title Cherish refers to the name of the radio station she listens to and calls to request 70s and 80s pop schmaltz, providing a killer soundtrack. The engaging parts were Zoe’s learning to deal with her forced isolation and her growing affection for her bracelet program monitor/policeman named Bill. Those two actors carry the movie. And carry it well.


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