The Universe and Me

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

24: 12-1 a.m.

24. 5.18. We’re given no explanation what Henderson did with Evelyn and child. He’s gathered another or more of his team to intercept CTU’s search for Jack. Instead of following Audrey, they should have followed Bill. Jack orders him to take Wayne somewhere safe while he delivers the recording to Heller. Jack and Audrey greet Heller’s plane but Dad’s not impressed with Jack’s criminal behaviour. In private, Jack plays the tape for him but Heller’s still critical. One wonders how Audrey grew up with any self-esteem. Dad thinks the nation can’t handle this information. It would destroy the presidency and we’d all freak out. (A line used later in the show, “Our government has no integrity” would have fit nicely in here.) He’d rather use the evidence to make Logan step down quietly. As he’s off trying, he has Jack and Audrey restrained.

Chloe’s pouting because she wasn’t involved in a briefing. She doesn’t spot the wire Sherry must be wearing so Miles and Karen can hear the ensuing conversation. They catch her calling a pay phone at Van Nuys airport’s emergency runway. Mike learns General Warren, whoever he may be, never received a call from Logan to capture Jack. Logan claims they’re using a special corporate task force so the Chinese government doesn’t learn of Jack’s faked death and get their chopsticks all bent out of shape. Chloe steals Miles’ key card, with a nice parting shot of “I don’t think you’re as big of a jerk as you pretend to be” and escapes using it. Sherry sees her but Chloe explains the evidence implicates Logan and if Sherry tries to stop her next move, she’ll recommend her for psychiatric evaluation.

Martha arranges to meet Aaron, but only his cell phone shows up. Heller reminds Logan that his “chair is not a throne” but Logan thinks Americans will be lost without heat or fuel. Heller insists Logan drop the charges against Jack and resign. Somehow Chloe knows where Bill lives and drops by to create a work around. Jack and Audrey escape their lame restraints. He forces one of Heller’s men to give him the recording but a chopper starts shooting at them. In the mix, Henderson grabs Audrey. He’ll exchange her for the tape. Not the night for Audrey to wear a white coat. Henderson severs an artery, giving her about three minutes to live, and Jack no time to do anything besides relinquish the tape. Henderson “secures a vehicle,” that is, steals a car, and calls Logan to say all’s well. Logan orders Heller’s resignation since he has no evidence. Surprisingly good line from Miles which he applied to Chloe, but I’d apply to him: “I won’t miss you when you’re gone.” Next: With all due respect returns and Audrey makes an amazing recovery.


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