The Universe and Me

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

24: 11 p.m. - 12 a.m.

24. 5.17. Evelyn smartly taped a phone call that proves President Weenie’s complicity in Palmer’s assassination and placed it with a toy airplane (no, wrong show) in a safety deposit box. Jack goes off grid to retrieve it. He and Audrey arrange to bring her father into the mix. Logan claims there’s new evidence that Jack was Palmer’s sniper and orders his arrest. They’ll sort out the particulars when Jack is in custody. Karen thinks they can bring him in peacefully. I laughed for a long time over that. Karen also thinks tracking Audrey will lead them to Jack who’s barged into the bank manager’s house with Wayne. It helped that he had some gadget to deal with the house’s magnetic alarm in his handy purse uh shoulder bag uh sack. What is that thing, anyway? Audrey’s Channel 17 picks up the tracker/transponder on her car. My Channel 17 picks up TLC. She does a switcheroo at a gas station.

Logan makes plans for a press conference despite the fact that it’s nearly midnight. Most presidents call press conferences around three o’clock in the afternoon. That way they can interrupt the soaps. Plus the press they’re conferencing is more likely to be awake. Evelyn collapses and Amy dials 911. Good luck with that, kid. Surprise, the operator is not from Detroit and pays attention to her. Subsequently, Henderson and cronies determine Evelyn’s current whereabouts. Bad luck for the EMT’s. Jack gives Aaron the heads up that all is not kosher with Logan. Sherry asks Chloe if she has a minute. Chloe says no. Sherry isn’t daunted. She explains she’s discovered part of the satellite’s vector has been locked out, or something technical like that. Chloe sees Audrey’s being tracked via satellite now.

Jack notices someone outside the banks. The windows are bullet proof but there’s no exit besides the front doors. Aw, c’mon. Crawl through a vent or something. Sleep deprivation must be setting in. Chloe changes the satellite. The signal feed breaks up and blames the server. When Miles confronts her about what she’s been doing as she’s coming out of the ladies room, she says “if you really want the details, I’ll write you a report.” I bet she would, too. And it would likely conclude, “Washed my hands with the disinfectant soap but didn’t feel comfortable about it since I didn’t know who had used it before me and what germs they might have left behind.” There’s a shootout at the bank. For all his help, Manager Carl doesn’t make it. Let’s all hope there are enough hours left to impeach Weenie President. Next: Chloe was set up and DoD Dad gets tough.


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