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Friday, April 07, 2006

Lost : Dave

Lost. 2.18. Hurley’s problem is not a slow metabolism or even a stockpile of food. He’s conjured up a negative imaginary friend who’s a bad influence on his sanity. We learn his mother institutionalized him, most likely due to that rather than his problem with eating too much. He blames himself for a deck built for eight collapsing and killing two people when he was the twenty third person to step on it. He thinks, what with the hatch larder hatch and the recent drop of enough food to open a chain of mini marts, that the island isn’t letting him lose weight. We ultimately learn that Libby was at the Santa Rosa hospital too, but as a patient, not as a clinical psychologist. So is she all better now or not? Is she leading Hurley on? Can Hurley trust her, as she says he can? If the entire show isn’t a hallucination or dream of Hurley’s, is it perhaps a hallucination of Libby’s? Is she in league with the Others?

The backstories: In addition to Sawyer’s never ending habit of throwing nicknames around (Baby Napper, Deep Dish, Jabba, Lardo), he also isn’t a fighter. Maybe in the future the Lostaways can get what they want by threatening to sick Hurley on him. Locke has a hairline fracture and will need crutches for a few weeks. He defends Fake Henry for returning to help him rather than escaping. Fake Henry claims he was part of a search party for Real Henry but found he died when the balloon crashed. No, wait. Know it all Sayid didn’t leave any grave unturned or any pocket unpicked. He found a note Real Henry wrote after he crashed. Fake Henry lies again. Locke wonders if he got himself caught on purpose, as some sort of Others plan. Fake Henry denies it, then once again messes with Locke’s mind by saying he never entered the numbers or pushed the button. He saw the hieroglyphics turn up on the counter, but then it flipped back to 108 and nothing else happened. Still lying?

Otherwise: Eko may or may not be building a Starbucks. The Others Leader is not Zeke but some very dangerous, diabolical sounding “Him.” Ana saved Henry from Sayid’s bullet. Hurley’s imaginary friend strangely echoed Desmond’s line: “See you in another life.” Best lines: “After that we can sing Kumbaya and do trust falls.” “Celery is not a snack.” “You walk off and have yourself a nice long giggle.” Next up: No idea.


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