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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Under Over

Six Feet Under: The fifth and final season in which the Fisher family continues to struggle with their demons, desires, drugs and death. About the episodes, from my sparse notes:

A coat of white primer.
Hello Miss O’Hara: “Slap a veil on her and the biggest slut bag on the planet becomes a fresh faced ingénue.” Rico breaks up on an IM, telling the girl he’s “looking for someone with a more positive attitude.” Very thoughtful. “You could have a friend call and pretend to be a dead person.” “Try not to be blinded by lust if you can.” The bourgeois narcissists are hoping for an obese daughter. “I want to put as many versions of myself on the planet as I can.”

Dancing for me.
The Snuffits at the beginning are unsettlingly younger than me lately. The kitchen is Ruth’s territory. She doesn’t want to take care of George for the rest of her life. She might want to look into a little something called fraud. Worked for Renee. “We’re all human” “No honey, we’re not.” The other intern at the free clinic is kind of a moron. Hello Monti Sharp. Claire doesn’t want to be the mother of her niece. Sharon disappeared but Rico can’t take a hint. “If there’s no strawberry, it’s definitely not Neapolitan.” Billy dumps his meds.

Hold my hand.
“France is tired.” “You are such a mom.” George in bathrobe crashes a funeral. Singles night. I don’t even want to know what Waterless embalming involves. Welcome back mortician Mortitia/Angela from a previous season. “Advanced anatomy for restorative art class” – ooh, sign me up! Claire’s trust was to support her education until she’s 25. “I don’t want you to wear rotting food.” I suspect baby-addicted surrogate Mary is Michelle Duggar’s younger sister.

Time flies.
Nate turns 40 and kills what might have been the Bluebird of Happiness at his party. Billy’s cranky because his clothes are too heavy. The George Report. “We should just live in cake light.”

Eat a peach.
Does he dare? He dares. He snuffs it. The adoption fair is like going to look at puppies. Julio gets into trouble down by the schoolyard. Cold cuts and bacon wrapped ham balls for the viewing. Yum. Relationships change. Mrs Chenowith negotiates – or ambushes Claire. Ruth gets George his own place, but he doesn’t’ know it yet.

The rainbow of her reasons.
“Just me and the fumes from my kiln and that morose NPR.” “The spirit works in mysterious ways.” “Au pair is so bourgie.” Donna from Saskatoon takes in a homeless man so Vanessa boots her out. Durrell is a mess. Enter Claire’s Ode to Pantyhose, sung to the tune of “You light up my life” - “You ride up my thighs, you ruin my day and fill my soul with hate.” Kudos to Lauren. “Kids aren’t slippers you can return if they don’t fit."

The Silence.
“Doing nothing all day can be so tiring.” Nice Girl Time. Gyrotonic Trainer, did she say? – I can’t wait. Silent Centering Time. George thinks he and Ruth should get a Haitian divorce for their psyche’s – or because George is already engaged. Yeah baby. There’s some office staplers that will soon end up encased in jello. “I just wanna be left alone so I can shrivel up in peace.” “Do I look like a crazy person?” “A little.”

Singing for our lives.
Thirsty and on her way to Bible class. “You were like my boyfriend and suddenly you’re gone.” Quaker church service with that sappy little ferret Maggie. “I think I might become conveniently sick.” There’s no money to be made in cremation or green funerals. “You can kill a man with a chopstick.” Russell attacks a lollipop.

Where wilderness and civilization interlap. Or is it overlap? “It’s nice to be quiet with somebody.” Someone please inform the extroverts. Claire has dinner at a Republican nest with vampires and redneck blogger pig, Ted. Nate suffers another AVM. “She could still show up for her own son’s coma.” Ruth finds camping strangely cathartic.

All alone.
Is all we are. “Couple shots of Stoli won’t kill the baby.” Ted reminds me of a grown up Eddie Munster. The boys are in iPod Bliss. Lookout for the scary fruit cake. George’s speech was excellent.

“You were raised to be impaired.” A square watermelon. Well, Brenda’s got the watermelon part down. “As we get older, the number of people that completely get us shrinks.” Yes it does. And that’s the reason why you shouldn’t ditch them just because you can. Claire totals the Clairemobile. Vanessa takes to the funeral home.

Everyone’s waiting.
Sounds suspiciously like Christian music. “It isn’t the 50s anymore, no matter how you dress.” “Motherhood is the loneliest thing in the world.” And the closing montage spanning many decades of Fishers snuffing it.


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