The Universe and Me

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Held in kryptonite

Movie: Superman Returns. A fun action adventure film that was well done and entertaining. Since I wasn’t expecting an Oscar contender and therefore wasn’t disappointed, I’ll be silly and ask a couple questions my inquiring mind wants to know.
1) Does Clark Kent always wear his Superman suit under his clothes? And if so, wouldn’t the cape be somewhat cumbersome and humpback-forming? Or does he carry that in a pocket and attach it to his collar just prior to takeoff?
2) What in the world is Lois Lane doing sneaking cigarettes on the sly when she has a highly fragile, seemingly allergic to everything, asthmatic child? Even if she’s smoking outside, the smoke is going to cling to her clothes and hair and that poor kid’s gonna have a wheezing attack, sure as Superman can fly. Get on the patch honey! And word to Superman: you might want to look into gaining custody if Lois is going to be so irresponsible of a mother.


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