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Monday, November 06, 2006

Love a Parade

I will wake up and write about some Icelandic musicians I’ve been meaning to. First up is a band named Shadow Parade. Originally from Akureyri, now based in Reykjavík. They started as an electronic duo of Beggi Dan & Jón Gunnar, then moved to more traditional instruments and added brothers Andri Magnusson and Magnús Örn Magnusson on bass and drums. Later Örn Eldjárn on guitar and Bjarni Margeirsson on keyboards completed the band. Their music is described as “gritty folk rock,” “a blend of midnight melodies, bittersweet melancholy and sweeping romanticism.” Radio 2 has been playing their “Dead Man’s Hand” song, a very Leaves-esque staggering work of art. Their first CD, titled Dubious Intentions, seems to be due for Icelandic release November 18. If any American record companies would like to pick it up and sell it over here, I’d be appreciative.


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