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Monday, November 27, 2006

Reunited and it sounds so good

Hope it's okay to lift these pictures. Two Fridays ago, the Sugarcubes performed their reunion concert to honour the 20th anniversary of the release of their first song. From all reports, the band sounds exactly like they did the last time they played together 14 years ago: Fantastic! Since there was a lot of filming going on (and projected onto screens behind the band),I have hopes that someday (please all you kind people at Smekkleysa I'm beggin' ya!) a DVD of the hour and ten minute concert will be released. Here's the setlist:
01 Traitor (Icelandic)
02 Leash Called Love
03 Deus (Icelandic)
04 Water (Icelandic)
05 Bee (Icelandic)
06 Planet
07 Shoot Him (Icelandic)
08 Walkabout
09 Mama
10 Pump (Icelandic)
11 Regina (Icelandic)
12 A Day Called Zero
13 Ammæli
14 Coldsweat
15 Blue Eyed Pop
16 Motorcrash
17 Delicious Demon
18 Hit
19 F'ing in Rhythm & Sorrow
20 Luftgítar (with Magga out from behind the keyboards, dancing with Björk, special guest Johnny Triumph on vocals and band members' sons Hrafnkell Flóki and Örnólfur Eldon playing real guitars)
You can watch a lot of snippets at You Tube.


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