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Friday, November 03, 2006

Lost : The Cost of Living

Lost. 3.5. This episode’s flashbacks belong to Eko and are mostly a rehash of what we’ve already seen. After he took over Yemi’s church, some militia guys showed up and demanded the vaccine which he refused to surrender. So main militia guy killed a village woman. Next time they show up, Eko isn’t any more accommodating. In fact he’s deadly with a knife. Back on the island, either his conscience or the island itself is bugging him to confess. When he doesn’t, when he rationalizes his actions away, says he did what he had to in order to survive, the black smoke monster kills him. So the lesson may be to realize that actions taken with what you think are the best intentions may not be the correct things to do. Maybe. Interesting how when the smoke is first approaching Eko, it backs away when Locke appears. Yemi’s body has gone awol along with Jack’s dad. Was the body part of an Others ruse or did they move it or is he not really dead? Or has the island cured his death?

Jack confronts Ben about the tumor and Ben plays dumb, then berates Juliet for showing the x-rays. Ooh, more tension. Later Ben admits to Jack that the tumor is his and Juliet’s been trying to coerce him with a hamburger and some flirting into wanting to operate. And that somehow explains why Juliet so closely resembles Sarah. To the whacked out writers, perhaps. Juliet shows Jack a homemade video where she’s doing her best follow the rotating placard Dylan impersonation. Ben’s a dangerous liar. No! I’d have never guessed. Some of The Others want a change. They want Jack to operate on him, but to purposely botch the surgery so Ben will die. Um, if Jack doesn’t perform the surgery at all, doesn’t Ben still die? Well, Jack likes to play Mr Fix It, so I doubt he’ll rush right into breaking the Hippocratic Oath. So if the island can cure Rose’s cancer, why can’t it cure Ben’s?

When Desmond (who really should have his own show) mentions the hatch computer being used to communicate with the other hatches as well as save the world, Locke takes a bunch of the Lostaways, including the two annoying newbies, to the Pearl Station. Totally forgetting that a couple days ago, island time, he watched Jack on one of the television screens, he about smacks himself upside his bald head when Nikki suggests they try to use the TV’s to monitor other hatches. Sayid rewires something and they see a brief image of a guy wearing an eye patch who blocks the camera when he realizes he’s being watched and brings about the wonderful line “I guess he’ll be expecting us” from Locke. Next: Eko tells Locke, “You’re next.” Is that a collective you or a specific you? Note to ABC: Unless you’re the BBC, 6 episodes does not a season make.


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