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Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Jesus and Mary Chain

Movie: The Da Vinci Code. Maybe I’m just not Fundie enough, but I don’t see the problem with postulating that Christ may have been married. It wouldn’t make Him any less divine in my mind. This movie makes a point of pointing out several times “what really matters is what you believe.” So taking it, and the book, seriously seems misguided. I read the book shortly after it was published and found the first half almost breathtakingly exciting and interesting. The second half couldn’t keep up that pace, but it was still very entertaining. The movie seemed to do the opposite. The first half drags. The clues and codes seem forced. They don’t flow naturally in the story. The Teabing character is clumsily introduced, as in, “Hey! I just remembered, I know this Brit living in France who’s an expert on the Grail. Let’s drop in on him!” Then Teabing, who is the most interesting character in the book, is stuck with what seems like ten or fifteen minutes of exposition that no special effects could help. After that it does pick up and start to move quicker, but by then it was tough to care. It seemed like the movie was reigned in the entire time and I can’t help wondering what it would have been like had it been allowed to take off.


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