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Sunday, November 19, 2006

The sky is falling

Movie: An Inconvenient Truth. Way back in the other century, when I was young, we used to have winters where the snow would be over our heads for months. I remember riding up to school and seeing drifts higher than the school bus. Now our winters here in the northeast consist of a two or three snowstorms with maybe a couple feet of accumulation. So I don’t need to be convinced there’s global warming happening. Who or what is to blame is a debatable question. This may be merely a cyclical thing that will right itself or man’s carbon emissions may be destroying the earth. Whatever you believe, you can find out how much carbon you personally emit at either Carbon Counter or the movie’s Carbon Calculator. My own rate is much lower than the average because I don’t see the need to drive an immense SUV and it’s been far too long since I’ve been lucky enough to fly anywhere. Otherwise, the PowerPoint presentation is thought provoking but the documentary sometimes veers off into personal Gore territory which seemed like unnecessary tangents and some sour grapes.


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