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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Start walkin'

Movie: Kinky Boots. British film about a small shoe manufacturing company in a small town that’s in dire financial troubles due to a changing market. When the owner’s son takes over and is overwhelmed, a worker about to be made redundant spouts out at him that he needs to change with the times. Because it’s a movie, he happens upon a cross dresser/performer and sees the difficulty in a man trying to fit into and wear women’s boots and realizes there’s his new niche market. The film was cute and entertaining and fun. The title made me think back to when we were kids and lived in the town next door. One of my social butterfly sister’s friends lived nearby, so we sometimes saw him around. His favourite expression was “nifty boots.” Much in the same way kids today say “cool” or the hippies in the sixties used “far out,” if he thought anything “neato,” including, I think, some boots my sister actually did wear, he said “nifty boots.” Funny how some things you never forget.


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