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Friday, November 10, 2006

Lost : I do

Lost. 3.6. We learn via the flashbacks that Kate was ironically married to a policeman. But the domesticity of taco night didn’t suit her. Yeah, me either. It’s been established in seasons past that Kate is a runner. Give her the opportunity and she’ll bolt every time. The island, it seems, is testing that tendency. Without the marshal to chase her, is it still as much fun, or necessary? And what would be a good enough reason for her to stay? Love? Her husband would probably say not so much. A baby? She seemed rather relieved when she told her husband the EPT test was negative. Relieved she didn’t have to stay and live normally and think about someone else for once.

Locke hopes Eko died for a reason. And he really hopes to one day find out what the reason might be. While burying Eko, he notices words on the prayer stick urging him to look north. Perhaps that’s the direction of the second island. Ben’s hair is starting to go all Einstein. The round glasses give him a Himmler look, which is even scarier. Jack refuses to do the surgery based on the hope of release, even though it seems Ben arranged for Michael and Walt to go home. Even when he’s told The Others will kill Sawyer, he still refuses. Wow, he really hates Sawyer. There’s a compound breach. Alex has escaped, which makes us ask why she was being held captive. She’s quickly captured but has the chance to tell Kate they’re going to kill Sawyer like they killed her boyfriend, probably Carl.

Kate climbs out of her cage and releases Sawyer from his but he tells her there’s no place to go since they’re on the second island. Why he thinks they couldn’t hide or even swim to the other island (it didn’t look that far away) remains a mystery. Jack hears someone on the intercom and suddenly the door is open. He discovers the monitor room and a convenient gun closet. As he’s noticing Sawyer and Kate entangled on one monitor, Ben appears behind him, saying he’s surprised Kate didn’t go for Jack instead. Oh please. Most girls go for the “bad boys” every time. Read some psychology, man.

So Jack decides to do the surgery after all. Why, because he’s jealous? That didn’t seem like a plausible enough reason. And sure enough it wasn’t. During the surgery, Jack cuts into Ben’s kidney sack. He’ll bleed to death in an hour. This gives Kate an hour head start and she really should use the time to run, even if she can only save herself. Or tell Jack they’re on a second island and feel escape is impossible. One thing we do learn is that The Others truly care about Ben’s welfare, which means Juliet was lying. Before surgery, Ben wonders if Alex asked about him. So there must be a reason why he’d expect her to. Best line: Sawyer’s “And how was your day, honey?” Not that good. Next: Desmond freaks about his newfound superpowers, but not until February.


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