The Universe and Me

Thursday, March 26, 2009

24 : 10 p.m. - 11 p.m.

24. 7.15. Somehow Jack and/or Tony figure out the bioweapon is at the Port of Alexandria with a thousand other canisters to search through. Since Ethan sanctioned Jack’s release from custody, he feels he must resign as chief of staff. Jack and Tony approach port authority officer Carl. The bad guys (led by Jonas, whoever he is when he’s at home) told Carl they were smuggling weapons from South America. Since he needed money for he and wife to conceive, he agreed to help. Jack needs the manifest but the database is password protected. Where’s Chloe? They need her. Wouldn’t you know, the phone lines are jammed. Bad Starkwood guys contact Carl by radio. He’s to pretend all is normal and let in the eight heavily armed hostiles.

Olivia informs a press guy that Jack killed Mayer. Isn’t she special? The FBI finds it curious that Mayer was killed with a machine gun Jack didn’t have. Plus there were broken doors and extra slugs around. And open files about Starkwood. Renee tells Larry that Jack believes Starkwood is behind Juma’s attacks. Bad Guy Cooper promises money for Carl in a truck but instead he’s to be killed. Jack can’t let Carl down and takes out Cooper. Carl runs away, with thanks. When Cooper doesn’t copy, combat ensues and suddenly it’s Butch & Sundance against the Bolivians. Jack leaps on a semi and escapes but Tony is caught. Jack calls Larry to inform him of the latest events. Amidst more gunfire, a chopper swoops down and airlifts the bioweapon out. Unfortunately, when Jack was doing something or other in the back of the semi (it’s night, it was dark), one canister was breached and he may have been exposed. Now we’re talking! Best line: Jack’s, “Don’t even think about going for your weapon.”


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