The Universe and Me

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Go ahead you can laugh

Some Pilkington quotes from The Guide to Philosophy:

  • Because I haven’t been sleeping that well (re: how does he know this isn’t a dream?)
  • If I was dreaming all this, I reckon my boiler would have been fixed ages ago.
  • You don’t want fun all in one go.
  • You’ve got the problem gene in your head.
  • The problem hole is a standard size on everyone.
  • You’ve got a load of skittles. I’ve got a big cream egg. (The difference between Ricky’s problems and his.)
  • The problem ball is growing.
  • I was emptying my worry hole.
  • That me name was Brett (re: the one thing he would want to change.)
  • I kept forgetting I was Brett ‘cause I wasn’t answering, so they went back to Karl.
  • The thing with numbers is, there’s loads of ‘em.
  • You could rule numbers out of your life if you wanted to.
  • Anything over 3, they say we’re just being greedy.


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