The Universe and Me

Thursday, March 05, 2009

24: 4 p.m. - 5 p.m.

24. 7.9. Information is not to be disseminated. Jack calls Mrs President to say the FH has been transported to the hospital. Dubaku is trying to leave the country, with an exit strategy already in place. Bill wants Chloe cleared to help the FBI. Dubaku tells Marika his visa expired and immigration caught him. He must leave tonight, but invites her to go with. Her sister can join them later. Mrs Vosser’s anguish bothers Renee who should feel better knowing Mr Vosser was a killer and a traitor. In a weird scene, Morris, with son Prescott in the back seat, drops off Chloe at the FBI. Will she ever see them again?

Here is where the cat sat on my notes and things become even sketchier.

Mrs President has Aaron contact the First Daughter. Rosa rats out Dubaku. Our heroes want Marika to help them find out where he wants to meet. She doesn’t know, since he’s sending a car and driver for her. They can use her cell phone as a transponder. Janis is suspicious of Chloe who briefly loses the tracking grid because someone/Janis was in the system. The metro police place a road block around Jack and Renee. Federal warrants for their arrest were issued by the FBI/Sean. Dubaku is tipped off about Marika. Best line: “Life gets ugly, innocent people get hurt.”


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