The Universe and Me

Monday, March 09, 2009

24: 6 p.m. - 7 p.m.

24. 7.11. Code blue in ICU. I take it there’s no hospital security. Again. An unidentified man was with Dubaku before his sudden heart attack. Jack calls Chloe and asks her to delete Ryan Burnett’s name from the list or they won’t get the information in time. Janis interrupts her. Burnett’s trying to extend the window. If they recess the hearings, Jack’s subpoena expires, and Mrs President can pardon him. Senator Mayer won’t hear of it. Jack renders Bill unconscious so he can have a little chat with Burnett. Janis plays her boss a call between Chloe and Jack that implicates Burnett. Jack’s chat with Burnett includes a lot of high voltage tasering and the risk of becoming paralyzed but Burnett insists he doesn’t know the target. Mrs President pages Jack to stand down. He shoots out the intercom but the door is blasted through before Burnett gives in.

Mrs President offers Burnett full immunity if he talks. Otherwise, he’ll be charged with treason and she has no problem with the death penalty. On her own, Renee follows the soldiers to a warehouse basement. She calls Larry to inform him she saw Juma with the soldiers who she then follows to a boat, giving us new respect for her swimming abilities. Janis loses Renee’s signal. Glub glub. When the scuba geared guys jump off the boat, Renee quickly finds their plans include targeting the White House. She’s seen by Dubaku’s son, I think it was, and quickly dives in the water. He follows in a motor boat.


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