The Universe and Me

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

24 : 9 p.m. - 10 p.m.

24. 7.14. When he looks for Chloe, Morris is told the FBI has her in holding because she’s been arrested. Jack calls the suspended Renee and reiterates that he’s being framed. He manages to grab a frame from the hospital surveillance camera of the hit man who killed Burnett and sends it to Renee. She identifies him as John Quinn who works for Starkwood defense consultants. Senator Mayer would know if Quinn worked with Juma. Jack heads off the see Mayer who I thought was the bad guy, but it appears to be someone else who actually said “the loss of one soul is tragic to me” followed by stating how “collateral damage” was different. Larry figures out Renee talked with Jack and has her records checked. They trace calls to a stolen phone. She’s put in holding. Not the same holding as Chloe. Mayer listens to Jack’s reasoning and allows him access to his files.

Janis can’t decrypt Renee’s files. Only Chloe has the power to do that. Larry informs Morris that he needs to help them find Jack or Chloe will be prosecuted for colluding and given a fifteen year sentence. No slouch, Morris easily figures out the override codes and decrypts the files. Instead of answering the question of where did Renee send Jack, I’d like to know why the FBI hasn’t hired Morris. Jack discovers an accident victim alleged that Starkwood was involved in assassination plots and attempts to acquire weapons of mass destruction, particularly bio weapons. Juma tested a pathogen on a village in Sengala. Chances are Starkwood has the same weapon and intends to use it.

The metro police knock on Mayer’s door. Knowing the police won’t listen to him, since they haven’t for the previous six seasons, Jack plans to run. Mayer advises him to trust the people he’s protecting. Trust isn’t Jack’s greatest asset, but he tries. Unfortunately, it was Quinn, not the police, at the door. Quinn guns down Mayer and Jack makes a run for it. He cuts his hand so Quinn has a blood trail to follow to a shack. When Quinn goes inside, Jack tips the shack over. Quinn jumps out the window and they fight. I believe before dying, Quinn said the weapons were already there. Thinking Jack killed Mayer, Larry orders him to be shot on sight. Jack calls Tony and arranges a meeting. Best line: Jack’s “If I wanted to kill you, you’d be dead already.”


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