The Universe and Me

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

24 : 7 p.m. - 8 p.m.

24. 7.12. The frogmen swim across the Potomac and quite easily gain access to the White House from underground. Burnett is transferred to Kennedy memorial. Jack wants Bill to go to him and get information but Bill doesn’t think that would be prudent. Renee runs mighty fast. Not fast enough. Dubaku’s son reaches her. She informs him that Juma killed his father to stop him from talking. He doesn’t buy that story. They fight. As he’s about to strangle her, he’s shot from behind. Renee tells the FBI where the target is and they lockdown the WH. But too slow. Juma’s men are headed straight for Mrs President. Bill puts on her tracker and heads west with it, drawing them away from her. He’s seen and taken hostage with some other unknowns. Aaron and the First Daughter look for a way past the hostiles. Jack and Mrs President are sealed off in lockdown. Agents move in but Juma claims he has the president and they must evacuate or she will die.

They can’t risk that Juma is lying. Juma’s men think they can open the lockdown door in fifteen minutes because they have access codes. They don’t know Jack. He finds a toolbox and disables the door. Juma calls Mayer. They don’t have the shipment yet. What shipment? Suddenly I’m lost. If they find FD, Mrs President will have to open the door. Aaron knows Juma is bluffing and hopes to get out a signal but he’s shot. He sends FD to a security kit where she can signal code green out the window. She’s grabbed before she finishes. Juma spots the camera in the chandelier and threatens to kill FD if Mrs President doesn’t come out. Jack doesn’t want to open the door, but relents. Best line: “Stress is the fertilizer of creativity.”


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