The Universe and Me

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

24 : 8 p.m. - 9 p.m.

24. 7.13. Conveniently for the good guys, there are five canisters (oh, canisters again!) of CH-4 or similar in the lockdown room. Jack figures he can make a run for it and cause an explosion. Mrs President asks for the release of the other hostages. Juma’s semantics may need help. Depending on your definition of release, he does release one. Mrs President is forced to read a statement. Bill overhears that Juma is not acting alone. Jack will need to find out who on the outside is helping so Bill runs for the CH-4 and causes the explosion. A shootout ensues. Juma orders the hostages killed but Jack corners him, planning to bring him in. Juma moves and Jack brings him down. And Bill is honored by the silent clock. With his hair emitting a golden halo this season, I figured he was already halfway to the angels. Sad, sad…

Mrs President brings FD Olivia on as an advisor, or a political liability since she leaked damaging personal information during the campaign. Larry suspends Renee for going behind his back and talking Ethan Kanin into allowing Jack access to Burnett. Meyer has twelve possible targets programmed in. He sends hit man Quinn to the hospital. Quinn kills a patient so the nurses will have to leave their station and he can block their computer monitor. A pen drops from the ceiling in Burnett’s room. The gas it gives off renders Jack unconscious long enough for Quinn to slit Burnett’s throat. When Jack comes to, he jumps up in the ceiling to escape, then he calls Larry to inform him he’s being set up by someone wanting to distract the FBI. The threat isn’t over. Best line: “The rules don’t apply to you anymore.”


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