The Universe and Me

Friday, March 06, 2009

24 : 5 p.m. - 6 p.m.

24. 7.10. Marika tries to play dumb but Dubaku shoves her around and takes her phone. He quickly tries to cover his tracks by saying his enemies showed her lies when he actually brought peace to Sangala. He’d still like her to accompany him. Whether to play the hero or martyr, she does. Jack and Renee are released but lose Marika’s phone signal when Dubaku crushes it. Somehow they get a make on the car. Copy that. Big car chase ensues. When it looks like Dubaku will escape, Marika attacks him and the car crashes. Jack easily takes out the driver and pulls Dubaku from the car which is about to explode. Jack begrudgingly helps Renee drag Marika out of the car, but to no avail. She’s a martyr. Dubaku’s critical. Jack has him brought around with epinephrine. Talk or he’ll make his son suffer. He has a list of names. Interestingly, he carries it with him in a plate just beneath his ribs. Who doesn’t? Jack extracts the digital storage device.

The device has an auto erase function. Chloe will have just one chance to download. Sean realizes he and Erika’s names will be in the database. If he crashes the server, they’ll have time to reformat and she can configure parameters or whatnot. When it’s accomplished, Sean shoots Erika. Chloe figures someone deliberately crashed the system. Sean claims Erika followed him up to the server room and shot him so he grabbed her weapon in defense. He didn’t mean to kill her. Chloe miraculously recovers the file, as only she can. Sean has a sudden errand but the FBI is quick and he doesn’t get away, but starts crying for his lawyer. Bill goes to bat for Jack with Mrs President. Tony has a lead for Jack. There will be another attack, target unknown, by Juma. The window opens at 1900 hours. Ryan Burnett, who works for the confusingly named Senator Mayer, is involved in its planning. Best line: Jack’s, “You ever pull your weapon on me again, you better intend to use it.”


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