The Universe and Me

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

24: 5-6 p.m.

24. 5.11. First of a two hour night. Tony’s awake and asking about Michelle’s condition. When he can’t get a straight answer, he sneaks out of his hospital bed, checks the computer and sees she’s deceased. Martha blabs to Aaron that Logan not only knew about the motorcade threat and didn’t warn them, he gave the terrorists the route. Later Mike sees Martha and Aaron holding hands. Chloe hacks into Henderson’s work computer but he erased the hard drive. Only Chloe would notice an open socket exchanging data with an offsite link which turns out to be Henderson’s home. One of the terrorists who failed to blow up the motorcade carelessly carried a schematic of a ventilation system that matches Tyler Memorial Hospital which must be evacuated, except for seven newborns who can’t be moved. Bill allows Sam to call his sister and beg for some lembas bread, or his key card. No dice. At Henderson’s house, only his wife Miriam is home. Jack sees Henderson’s been downloading music and should inform the RIAA. They’d be there ready to lynch him in seconds. Chloe finds a shadow drive on the computer but can’t crack the password. Henderson returns home with a briefcase full of cash. He dares Jack to shoot him in the thigh, but Jack surprises us all by blasting Miriam. Henderson doesn’t mind. He still won’t talk. Jack brings him to CTU where they’ve discovered the Brit currently in control is named Vladimir Bierko and probably not from Manchester. They also spy a confirmed hostile, Viktor, dressed as an orderly on the hospital security cameras. Curtis offs him but the canister is beeping. In a move that made me laugh, Curtis hustles the canister to a containment unit before it spews the gas. Some Hostile ties up Jenny and her boyfriend, shoots them and takes the key card.


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