The Universe and Me

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

24: 8-9 p.m.

24. 5.14. Henderson might be an android. Although he’s been tortured, he feels well enough to skip out of the building before anyone but the security cameras see him. Take that, Marwan. Chloe decrypts a file from Henderson’s computer and finds information on Collette. Curtis readies a team to bring her in and you just know Jack’s going with. The President sets up a curfew for LA, to be enforced by the military. There’s a question as to whether this is legal or not. The VP claims his lawyers are on it. Let’s all laugh. Meryl Streep’s older sister Karen from Homeland Security usurps Bill’s control. Chloe doesn’t appreciate having to give her key card to minion Miles. Wayne Palmer calls Aaron to arrange a date. Or to give him something from his brother. Collette arranges to meet Desmond at the Van Nuys airport in 45 minutes. By the time the op team reaches the hotel room, no one’s there. ESP tells them to check the roof where Desmond tackles Curtis and takes his gun.

He’s not Desmond from Lost after all. He’s Teo from German Federal Intelligence. Giving up Collette will ruin everything he’s been working on. Jack promises to give him something more valuable: the WET List. To get it, Chloe needs her key card so she spills coffee on Miles. He asks her what’s wrong with her, as if there’s time for that lengthy list. After she uploads the WET List to Jack, he promises to give the memory card to Desmond/Teo once Collette is in custody. Meanwhile Brit Hostile is transferring a whopperload of money to Collette. Bill and Meryl’s Sis catch Chloe’s hack into NSA. She admits what she did and they get all huffy with Jack but there’s no time to wait for presidential authorization. Collette’s in the airport’s parking garage.

Desmond/Teo gives up the gal but the memory chip Jack gives him was programmed to self-destruct. And Desmond/Teo sums up Jack’s character with: “I had your word. Now I know what it’s worth.” We suspect Collette’s been chatting with Mandy because she’s not about to blab without full immunity. Besides, she doesn’t know where Brit Hostile is. She’s just an “independent contractor.” The source of the digitally encrypted schematic? That’s Audrey. Everybody say Huh? Since it’s unlikely Audrey would have done such a thing for money, any guesses as to her motivation? The van following Wayne shoots out his tire and his car crashes. He survives and races the heck out of there before he can be captured. Run Wayne! Get out of 24’s Killing Machine while you’re still breathing! Next: without stopping to think Audrey may be a patsy, Jack goes ballistic.


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