The Universe and Me

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

24: 9-10 p.m.

24. 5.15. After all protocol she’s broken in one day, surprisingly Chloe isn’t in trouble. Instead Bill asks her to check out Audrey’s story. He detains Audrey for interrogation which Jack wants to handle. For the fun of it or because he thinks Collette is lying? We’ll see. Brit Hostile cleverly acquires himself and his thugs a police car. Chloe digs up a connection between Audrey and Walt Cummings. They cracked open the mini bar last April at the River Hotel. What a bad day Mrs Cummings is having. Some gal named Sherry Rothenberg from Section 5 replaces Edgar. Chloe is not amused. At first Audrey lies to Jack about Walt, but he makes her fess up as only he can. But she still knows nothing about Collette. Jack’s convinced. Karen, not so much. She calls for Burke. Jack’s tasered and can’t protect Audrey.

Miles gives Sherry grief about being on Level 3 of 24’s computer game when she isn’t qualified. But wait. She’s “provisionally qualified.” So there. She informs Chloe she filed a harassment suit against Miles back in their San Francisco office days. Chloe feels so bad for her, she later takes the blame for matrix data being sent unfiltered even though it was Sherry’s boo-boo. Wayne Palmer hasn’t shown up for their date/meeting so Aaron goes looking for him. To prove that Henderson is going after Jack by using Audrey, he needs to find proof Collette is lying so her immunity deal can be negated. Brit Hostile and men arrive at the Wilshire Gas Company and demand access to the control room. Some poor worker named Sam has to cut the pipeline pressure by half in 15 minutes.

Chloe finds Collette called Henderson eight times, something she didn’t tell them. That’s enough for Jack to rescind her deal. He threatens to kill her so she says Henderson told her to use Audrey’s name if she got in trouble. She doesn’t know the exact target. Just that it’s one of the natural gas companies. The Hostiles plan to pipe the gas into homes. As luck would have it, Sherry was a chemistry major and knows the company’s PSI would have to be lowered. Chloe finds the right place and is weirded out when Sherry complains about Bill’s hand brushing across her shoulder. I could just see her thinking, “And people say I have problems!” In the woods somewhere, Aaron and Wayne meet up, are involved in a shootout and escape. Looked like Wayne was injured, though. The CTU guys chopper to Wilshire but Brit Hostile releases the canisters. There’s not enough time to power down. Jack has to ignite the gas. The tanks start exploding but Jack goes back for Brit. They fight. Jack stuffs him in the police car as a tank near them explodes. Next: no sign of Jack.


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