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Monday, March 13, 2006

The bees behind my eyes

The things you learn while reading Discover magazine. One was that an experiment done by Adrian Dyer from the University of Cambridge in England determined that honeybees can recognize human faces. I had an image of a police line-up and the bee tapping on the two-way mirror glass to point out the criminal. But the experiment used head shots of various people. One photograph would have a drop of a sugary liquid next to it while the others had bitter liquids. Two days later, with eighty percent accuracy, the bees could identify the photograph that originally had the sugar reward. I’ve never had much problem so far in my life with bees, other than once being stung by a wasp and once stepping on a bee but my oldest sister always seemed to draw their attentions. She was convinced they had it out for her. She may have been right.


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