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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Lost : The Whole Truth

Lost. 2.16. We thought Jin had learned to show his wife respect, but no, he’s still a hothead, ripping up her plants. Later Bernard and Rose, as they’re arguing/beachcombing, discover Sun lightheaded. I found it interesting that Bernard’s character seems rather fatalistic while Rose is always optimistic. How they’ve made their opposites attract relationship work all these years is another mystery since, according to John Cleese, the only thing opposites attract is divorce. We learn back in the past, Sun was meeting her former almost boyfriend to learn English from him, although she continued to see him after she became fluent. She even confides to him that the fertility doctor told her she couldn’t have children. The doctor’s one of the first who at first doesn’t tell the whole truth. His conscience leads him to tell Sun it’s Jin who can’t father children while she is fine. He was afraid of what Jin would do to him.

Are you there Sawyer? It’s Sun needing some medical supplies. He’s not running a drugstore so she has to blurt out she needs a pregnancy test. Why she thinks anyone would bring one on an airplane is curious, unless she’s the one who brought it. The test is from a Widmore Labs, mentioned or seen in a flashback in England. And it’s positive. Kate mentions to Sun she had to take one before, but does not tell us its results. Meanwhile Jin’s realized a lot of his frustration is coming from not being able to talk with anyone due to the language barrier. He doesn’t want to fight with Sun anymore and puts her garden back together. She tells him she’s pregnant. Daddy-o is thrilled. But it’s either an island miracle (not so farfetched considering Locke’s miraculous recovery) or Sun’s lying her head off and Jin’s not the Daddy-o. I’m betting on the latter.

Ana Lucia finds Locke outside her tent. He thinks she’s the most qualified to talk with the unmotivated Henry in his hatch. His hatch? Since when does the hatch belong to Locke? Guess he goes by the law of Finders Keepers. Ana convinces Henry to draw her a map. Rather than tell the Bickering Brothers about it, she takes it to Sayid. Charlie, bored with making a dining room table (??), invites himself along on their quest to find the balloon. Jack asks Henry to join him and Locke for a Dharma cereal breakfast. In yet another emotionally manipulative move, Henry ever so casually mentions the map he drew for Ana. And makes them wonder if he’s leading her into a trap. Best lines: “The steam opens my pores.” “Humour’s not his strong suit – and I’m saying this to you!” “You looking at my bum?” Next: the smiley face balloon shows up.


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