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Sunday, March 26, 2006

It's a library thing

As someone who works in a library, I should have been aware of the Library Thing site as soon as it started, which was on August 29, 2005. It now has over 28,000 users and I have signed up myself. Users can "pull book data from libraries around the world and online bookstores to create a catalog of their own personal collection." A free account enables you to list 200 books but you can list an unlimited number for ten dollars a year or twenty five dollars for a lifetime account. You can also search for users with the same books you own and see what else they have that you might want to read. It's also interesting to check out the list of 25 most owned books and the 75 top authors. No big surprise who tops those. If the site continues adding books at the rate they are (over 10,000 per day), they estimate they'll overtake OCLC's billion book holding database (which adds over 8,000 books per day) in 3815. Something to look forward to.


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