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Friday, March 31, 2006

Lost : Lockdown

Lost. 2.17. I thought it was lazy or weird of the writers to have Helen like obituaries. She could have merely been reading the morning paper, as so many people do. Her fascination with obits seemed placed in on purpose. Locke’s father, Anthony Cooper, if that is his real name and I doubt it, must not have been well liked or had any other family since only Locke and Helen (and two suspicious looking Thug Guys) showed up at the gravesite service. Considering how awful he was to Locke, that wasn’t a surprise. His showing up again after he died was. Suddenly I’m watching Days of Lost. Although he doesn’t want to show his face in public, he goes to a bar with Locke and explains his retirement con and need to extract the seven hundred thousand dollars from the bank. If Locke helps, he can have a share. Losing a kidney didn’t teach him anything. He actually helps. For a minute I thought there was going to be a toy airplane in the safety deposit box.

Worse than that, when Thug Guys show up at the house, Locke lies to Helen about his father being alive. She follows him to the Flightline Motel (that was the best name they could think of?) and sees Cooper very much alive so when Locke proposes to her, she turns him down. So that explains their breakup. We still don’t know how Locke went from being a home inspector (everybody wave at Nadia as she buys a house) to working at the box company and being a paraplegic. Back on the island, Locke hears a woman’s voice in the hatch’s speakers. She counts down to the blast doors dropping. Locke is sealed off in the living area with Henry. When they try to pry open the doors, Locke is trapped so Henry has to crawl through the vent to reach the computer button. He somehow remembers the numbers, though he only heard them once. After a black light shows Locke a schematic of the island’s six hatches and their centre hub, the blast doors raise. Henry swears he had nothing to do with it.

As for the rest of the Lostaways, Charlie finds Mrs Gale’s grave under a canopy of a balloon. Sayid’s not willing to take it at face value and discovers Mrs Gale isn’t buried there. Henry Gale is. Jack pits himself against Sawyer in a poker game to recover the meds. We learn Jack was in Thailand, but he doesn’t tell us if that’s where he picked up his tattoos. Jack lies to Kate, telling her there’s a cracked water pipe in the hatch so she won’t go there. They stumble on a parachute that appears to be a food drop by the Dharma Gang and the reason for the Lockdown. Best line: Hurley/Muttonchops’s, “Maybe if I were in the loop, I could be more helpful.” Next: Hurley goes bonkers.


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