The Universe and Me

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

24: 2-3 a.m.

24. 5.20. Bill decides to take his chances and take the fall for Chloe. She hurries off to a hotel and calls Karen for information on Jack’s flight. It’s heading to Frankfurt. Jack sneaks out of the luggage compartment and sits next to the air marshal, George Avila, claiming he’s trying to get some rest. Then he elbows George into unconsciousness. I laughed all through the commercials after that. It was so Jack. With Avila’s badge (and gun), Jack approaches Hans Meyer who Chloe has connected to Henderson. They end up back in the luggage hold discussing carry-on.

Martha discovers her husband’s staff doesn’t have much of a personality. She needs more meds to deal. Mike suspects there’s more of a problem than that. Some drunk guy tries to chat up Chloe. She tasers him for his efforts. When advised that a hijacker is in the hold, the pilot depressurizes it. But Jack won’t be killed so easily. He has his phone patched through to Stan the pilot who really should have been named Victor since it would have come in useful when he was getting vectors. The co-pilot doesn’t like the idea of letting Jack live which makes us suspicious of him right away.

Jack uses his belt to move some wires in the ceiling which cause the plane to swerve. How did he know to do that? He’s Jack Bauer, that’s how. He wants the pilot to remain in a holding pattern rather than land. Miles calls Mike, who doesn’t have time for prefaces, and whines about Karen’s soft Q&A of Bill. “Sometimes finesse and diplomacy are better than coercion,” is Mike’s answer. In between tasering episodes, Chloe figures out the co-pilot was a last minute replacement named Scott Evans who worked with Omicron. Jack informs the pilot who ends up struggling with the Evans who Jack manages to corner. Evans hands over the recording without much coercion. Wimp. Bald Guy tells Logan he better shoot down the plane unless he wants to go to prison for treason and murder.


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