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Friday, May 12, 2006

Lost: ?

Lost. 2.21. Proving being dead doesn’t mean you can’t be seen again in flashbacks and dreams, Ana Lucia appears to Eko and tells him to take Locke (aka Gimli McCrutch) to the question mark. When the posse reaches the hatch, the artist formerly known as Henry Gale has disappeared. Michael of course says Henry shot him and the girls who both appear to be dead until Libby spits up blood all over Sawyer in an ewww moment. Eko and Locke head out on Henry’s trail but there isn’t one. Following a major head butt, Locke hands over his rudimentary drawing of the hatches. Eko somehow knows the centre question mark is that way. Walking a ways, they find themselves back at brother Yemi’s old plane. According to Locke’s dream, Eko needs to climb up a steep cliff. When he does, and looks back down, he noticed a question mark on the ground.

In Eko’s back story, he’s working as a priest in Australia. With forged identification papers, no less. He’s sent to research a drowned girl who came back to life during her autopsy. The girl’s father, who happens to be Claire’s psychic, insists a little too much the story is partially a cover up for negligence (hypothermia made the girl appear dead) and partially his wife’s using the circumstances to get back at him for being a fake. So did he really see something when reading Claire? Who knows. The daughter, creepy in her own right, later tracks down Eko and gives him a message that Yemi sent her as she was drowning. Uh huh.

Locke and Eko discover a hatch under the question mark. It’s the Pearl, a monitoring station. Locke prints out a log which appears to be a record of when the numbers were entered in the computer. Will he be able to determine if Henry lied? Or see when Michael was typing to Walt? Eko and Locke watch the Pearl’s orientation video hosted by the doctor previously known as Candle who described a three week psychology project where the other hatches would be monitored by someone who was instructed to record everything in notebooks sent via canister to somewhere. Vague enough? Locke’s faith wavers. He feels they’re merely rats in a maze with no cheese and it’s all meaningless. Welcome to viewership. More heartbreaking: Libby manages to only say Michael’s name before she dies. Hurley already blames himself for forgetting the blankets. Will his mental state hold up?


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