The Universe and Me

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

24: 5-6 a.m.

24. 5.23. Brit Hostile is upset over the alliance with Moscow and has taken over the Russian sub that happened to be around because of the day’s earlier treaty signing. CTU picks up a radio beacon from something like a signal tube, I believe they said. It’s a distress signal from petty officer Mickey Rooney, still looking about twelve years old, who survived the gassing in a sealed compartment. Jack instructs Rooney how to viciously kill the guard so the lad can reach the escape hatch and let him and Henderson on board. Henderson sets about manually reversing the launch codes while Jack uses his killer legs to exterminate Brit Hostile.

The launch sequence has been cancelled but Henderson is nowhere in sight. He finds Jack atop the sub, and is ready to kill him because he knows Jack was never going to let him go. Not so fast. The cartridge of the gun Jack gave him is empty. As revenge for Palmer, Tony, Michelle and probably everyone else who died that day, Jack shoots him and then tells CTU that Henderson fired first, making it seem like self defense. With no time to lose on particulars, Jack talks to Chloe privately. He’s going after Logan and needs some field communication equipment modified. Chloe doesn’t think she’s qualified so she brings in a Beverly Hills shoe salesman named Morris who’s up to the task.

Morris arrives at CTU and we find out he’s Morris O’Brien, Chloe’s ex-husband. Huh? Oh, the whiplash. Martha takes Mike to Aaron. And can someone get the poor man a wet wipe? Jack needs a direct confession from Logan but the President is leaving to eulogize Palmer in twenty minutes. Martha will have to stall him. She gives her best Oscar worthy performance of apologizing to her husband and then…and then… oh, it’s too nauseating to contemplate. Especially because the director felt the need for extreme close ups. Best exchange: “I’ll cover you.” “That’s what I’m worried about.” Next: the day’s final hour.


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