The Universe and Me

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

24: 3-4 a.m.

24.5.21. The co-pilot’s whining because his nose might be broken. Didn’t I say last week: wimp! Audrey’s informed her father held his breath underwater for an hour or two (take that Mr Blaine!) and survived the plunge. Miles isn’t happy that Karen’s left him out of the New Intel Loop. A VCI emergency distress signal from the plane is enough for Logan to take pre-emptive action and order the military to shoot it down. Jack has a history of erratic behaviour and they don’t know his intentions. Informed there’s an F18 about to shoot him out of existence, Jack sticks CTU on finding a place for the plane to land, preferably a 5,000 foot length of freeway. The best Bill can find is the 118 which is 4,000 feet with an overpass. No one mentions the 118 is only a few miles from the airport. Where’s the drama in that?

Having tasered enough drunks for the day, Chloe opens a socket to the F18. Of course. When Mike tells Logan the plane is landing, he has to reconsider. His next great plan is to cordon off the landing sight and apprehend Jack. Not so fast. CTU sends Curtis and team, the Backstreets Boys. Jack, still managing to keep hold of his trusty purse, sneaks easily past the marines and into Curtis’s vehicle, even without putting up his Hoodie of Invisibility. Miles approaches Karen about her working with two people who are under arrest and more importantly, why he hasn’t been told what she’s doing. He whines some speech about unwavering allegiance and trustworthiness. And she buys it.

Brit Hostile is in the process of being transferred. You know this can’t end well. Jack hands the recording to Chloe. The Attorney General will be summoned to hear the Logan-incriminating tape. Logan can’t go on trial for murder. It would “expose certain realities” the country doesn’t want or need to know. He assures Baldie and Associates they won’t be implicated. Before he bows out, he goes to say goodbye to Martha who has the line of the hour: “If I wasn’t so horrified that I’m married to you, I might actually be impressed you’re such a good liar.” Miles calls Logan. He feels compelled to intervene with the recording that could compromise national security. Compromise it, I say! Naw, he doesn’t listen. He sidles up to Chloe with some red blinky device. We fear the tape is a goner.


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