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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Lost: Live together, die alone 1

Lost. 2.23. Jack, Sawyer and Sayid are kind to the female viewers and swim out to the boat to find Captain Jack Sparrow. Oh bugger. No, it’s a drunken Desmond. I saw that coming. The Desmond part, not the drunken part. He’s been sailing for 2 ½ weeks but ended up right back at the island and is convinced they’re stuck in a snow globe. They should be so lucky. In his flashback, he’s released from jail in Scotland, I believe. If it’s raining, it must be Scotland. Enter his girlfriend’s father with the previously mentioned last name Widmore. He made sure his daughter Penelope didn’t receive Des’s love letters. She’s set to marry someone else and Des is to stay away. Later on Desmond meets Libby in a café. She’s so friendly, or nuts, or freaked out about her hideous wig, that she offers him her late husband’s boat for his sailing race around the world. A storm at sea shipwrecks Desmond onto Crap Island where he’s dragged by what appeared to be several people in yellow suits down into the hatch. There we see only Kelvin who enlists him as button partner. As for the orientation film, Kelvin tells Des that former button pusher Radzinsky “made some edits.” Hmmm.

As for the Lostaways: Sayid decides to sail the boat to the Others camp and scout it out. Once there, he’ll send a message of black smoke to Jack and the Apple Dumpling Gang. Jin and Sun offer to go with to help him with the boat. On the way, they pass the remains of a statue: a big foot with four toes. Locke tries to convince Eko not to be a slave, but to allow the countdown to reach zero. Eko locks out Locke. Locke informs Desmond about the Pearl hatch saying the Swan hatch was a psychological experiment. Desmond knows how to fake a lockdown and does so to keep Eko from reaching the button. Eko crawls back up the hatch and sees the quarantine on its lid. He enlists Charlie’s help. The Gang is accosted by a CGI bird that likes Hurley. When Michael tries to shoot it, his gun doesn’t work. Jack tries to act surprised that he forgot to load it, but Michael’s suspicious. Kate realizes the Gang is being followed. She shoots an Other. Another Other escapes. Michael confesses about the list and the murders. His best excuse is he “didn’t have time to think.” Jack appears to be thinking. He has a plan. Best line: “I’ll make the popcorn.” Next: hour 2.


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