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Friday, May 05, 2006

Lost : Two for the road

Lost. 2.20. In the flashback, Ana’s mother figures out the Jason shooting, prompting Ana to quit the force and become an airport security wander. Where she meets Jack’s Dad and accepts his offer to be his personal bodyguard in Sydney. Why he needs a bodyguard, I’m not sure. To stop him from drinking and driving? To go out walking after midnight with him? To protect him from some previously unseen Australian woman who won’t let him in her house to see a daughter we didn’t know he had? To keep Sawyer from suing after being hit by a car door? Seems Ana ran out of ideas too and called her Madre to say she was flying home on Flight 815. Not so fast there, Muchacha.

In the hatch, Ana wonders why Fake Henry doesn’t like to talk as much as killers. He ruins his Others are Harmless Theory, and that Goodwin wasn’t going to kill her, by trying to strangle her himself. Locke wallops him with a crutch that Henry’s glad his head didn’t break. When Locke asks why he tried to hurt Ana but not him, Henry says Locke is one of the good guys. The Man in Charge sent him to get Locke but his mission has failed and he expects his own people will kill him for it. Time to find some other people. Sawyer’s amused when Ana asks him for a gun. Here’s another idea: scram! Little Red Riding Hood/Lucie predictably uses her feminine wiles instead. Meanwhile Hurley plans a picnic with Libby. When he slips and mentions being hospitalized, he lies and says he broke a hip. Worse, he forgot blankets. Libby goes in search of some.

Locke thinks the Others want to trade Michael for Henry, but Jack thinks it’s a coincidence. So Locke doesn’t tell him about the earlier strangling episode. Michael claims he followed an Other to their primitive camp. There are 22 of them, mostly elderly and women. Two men with two guns guard metal doors leading underground. No doubt to a hatch where they are keeping Walt and the other kidnapees. Kate says nothing about the costumes she found and Jack and Locke say nothing about the many guns they gave Zeke. Instead they decide to go after the Others but they need the guns from Sawyer who realizes Ana has his revolver. She plans to kill Henry, but can’t. Michael can so she gives him the gun. I admit I never saw it coming. Michael shoots Ana. When Libby and walks in, she shoots her, right in the blankets. Then Michael shoots himself in the shoulder, no doubt to set up Henry while in fact letting him go. Best line: Sawyer’s “Guess that takes cuddlin’ off the table.”


  • At 4:37 PM, May 05, 2006, Anonymous sk said…

    I didn't see it coming either. If Libby's really dead, then I feel horrible for Hurley. I'd say Ana Lucia is gone, though I wasn't expecting that one either.

  • At 7:06 AM, May 08, 2006, Blogger Mrs Vee said…

    I wonder if Libby's really dead. It looked like she was carrying something behind those blankets. Plus we know nothing about her backstory. Not that she couldn't guest star whenever she was needed, I guess. But it'd be a shame for her (and Hurley) to go so soon.


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