The Universe and Me

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

24: 6-7 a.m.

24. 5.24. I’m watching in disbelief as Jack changes from his Hoodie into a flight suit. And not because he’s going to replace Logan’s helicopter’s co-pilot, which he does with ease. He tasers the Secret Service and orders the pilot to land in an industrial park. Chloe sends Morris with the modified equipment. No pressure, but Jack has only ten minutes, minus commercials, to make Logan confess. Typically, Logan tries to blame the people who work for him for everything that went wrong. He may not know Jack, who has nothing to lose. But in one of the worst moments of the show, Jack wimps out and can’t kill the president who flies off to meet Palmer’s casket.

Martha meets him there but she’s hysterical so he takes her aside and actually slaps her. As if we didn’t hate him enough before. He accuses her of being part of the plan to get Jack on the chopper and threatens to ship her off to an asylum. Martha has accusations of her own and Logan admits everything. Under the radar, Chloe sets up a conference call with the Attorney General. She has a recording between the First Couple from five minutes ago, thanks to Jack placing a listening device/microtransmitter in Logan’s pen. Martha and Mike look on smugly as Logan is escorted out by a federal marshal.

Jack’s informed he has a call from Kim, and is way too tired to be as suspicious as I was at home. It’s not Kim and he’s kidnapped. China has a long memory. They also have a slow boat. Jack’s too valuable to them to kill. But that doesn’t mean he’s going to enjoy any of his ride. Especially since he doesn’t have his purse or his Hoodie of Invisibility. Tsk tsk. No word on the whereabouts of his PDA. Next: the following takes place between the next six or seven months: I try to figure out how you get the pronunciation of Rice-cub out of Rajskub.


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