The Universe and Me

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

24 : 4 - 5 p.m.

24. 6.11. Okay, the intense whispering is way out of control. Do I have to put the closed-captioning on? I’m sure I missed half of what was said. Or whispered. President Wayne is arranging for Assad to make a global appeal to extremists to put down their arms. Jack somehow got himself to an airport and asks CTU to give him a helicopter so he can bop over to Logan’s retreat in Hidden Valley. Logan’s under house arrest there but the public doesn’t know it. Tom’s learning the wonders of duct tape. Reed’s cohort, whose name I have yet to catch, wants to kill Tom and make it look like a suicide. Reed’s sure he can keep Tom quiet. Besides, they’re not cold blooded murderers. They just want to blow up Wayne. Morris’s work appears to be suffering. “He’s been tortured. Maybe he should be pulled.” You think? Chloe leaves a message for his sponsor, Jeanne.

Logan’s sources have kept him up to speed on the current situation. He’s reconnected to his faith and changed. He’ll help without a pardon or any conditions by talking to Gredenko’s liaison, Markov, who he knows from the previous conspiracy. Jack asks Wayne for a temporary furlough for Logan. Since this “may not be the same man you hated for so long,” Wayne grants it. Morris’s data merge is incomplete. He prefers to think of it as irrelevant. Try that one at work. Jack and Logan dress up for the Oscars. No, wrong night. In his spare time Logan’s been highlighting passages in the Psalms. Jeanne returns Chloe’s call. She hasn’t talked with Morris for two years. Chloe finds him in the men’s room. He says Ted is his sponsor now and Chloe’s showing signs of obsession, not worry.

After she leaves the men’s room, Morris pours the remaining scotch down the drain which seems like a good sign. Reed has the bomb detonator. I don’t know what Tom was trying to do by moving some pressure gauge with his feet, but it didn’t work. As Assad is about to give his speech, he notices something dripping from the podium. Yeah, that can’t be right. He yells that it’s a bomb and tries to leap out of the way but, in the hour’s only excitement, the podium explodes. Everyone in the room, including President Wayne, is injured. Someone calls for a medical team. Line of the hour: “I’ll be glad when we no longer have to deal with this man.”


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