The Universe and Me

Thursday, February 01, 2007

24 : 11 a.m. - 12 p.m.

24. 6.6. The writers must have gone out for lunch. Most of this hour concerned Weasel boy Tom’s efforts to make Karen resign. Yawn. He did have some good lines, including “Why don’t you just hop a shuttle over to the Justice Department?” and “She’s gone from being an irritant to an obstacle.” Turns out 14 months ago, Bill had Fayed (and some other cohorts) detained at CTU but there wasn’t enough evidence to hold him. Karen kept the info under her hat or somewhere. And for it to stay there, she either has to join Wrestlemania or resign. She resigns. Will she bounce over to CTU now? They could use more help. Nadia’s been racially profiled which is making her even crankier and her processor extremely slow. Eventually Milo logs in her computer under his user id. Everybody say uh oh.

Unfortunately Jack stops suffocating his brother. What fun they must have had as children. Gray explains Dad is trying to clean up a mess he (Gray) created by dealing with Gredenko, who was an independent munitions contractor with excellent references. Recycling bombs into energy sounds too noble for Gray. We suspect there’s plenty he’s not saying. Jack takes him to McCarthy the Aussie’s office in Simi Valley. Meanwhile Aussie McCarthy is still trying to find help and it isn’t Meg Ryan. Her negativity is not what he needs right now. “This isn’t some easy one stop shopping.” In the boring subplot Walid (every time they say his name, I think they’re saying Wowee) learns one of the inmates carries a cell phone. He steals it so Chloe can untangle the numbers but is beaten to a pulp for his efforts. Civilian down indeed.

The phone has a browser which leads Chloe to a web page with information on the nukes. She concludes the inmates are merely spectators in today’s game. Over in Simi Valley, Jack and brother learn Aussie McCarthy is somehow electronically shredding info and deleting files. Jack hears someone in the building and is hit from behind by men seemingly employed by Papa Bauer/Stretch Cunningham/George from Six Feet Under. He’s trying to find McCarthy so no one will know Gray didn’t report the stolen nukes. Probably. In a dramatic turn of events, Gray takes over and lays his cards on the table. He’s really in charge and takes Jack and Stretch prisoner.


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