The Universe and Me

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

24 : 12 p.m. - 1 p.m.

24. 6.7. Karen reassigns herself to CTU. Jack and Papa Bauer are taken to a quickly and freshly dug grave where of course they overpower their guards. Jack has CTU set up a perimeter around Gray’s house with orders to take him alive. Jack and Papa arrive at the scene in seconds & Jack storms in, eager for another chance to torture his brother. Family togetherness. Can’t beat it. Jack has Marilyn & Josh Boy taken to CTU. Are Marilyn’s eyes freakishly pale? She looks like an alien to me. I’m just saying. Aussie McCarthy has found an engineer but not someone who will work willingly with Fayed. He sends a file on the possible engineer which, together with his phone call, is intercepted by our gal Chloe. Morris sets to work on recovering the image file even though a message comes in that his brother is in critical condition, having been in the Valencia blast.

CTU torture guy helps Jack inject a neuro-inflammatory. Gray insists he doesn’t know how to find McCarthy. Eventually he admits to arranging the deaths of Jack’s pals at CTU to lure him out of hiding. And that wasn’t the first time he tried to have Jack killed. The motive seemed to be because Gray loves his country. Count me confused. Raising these two brothers must have been Dr Spock’s worst nightmare. In the boring subplot Saundra appears to now be concerned that Walid’s attackers need legal protection. Tom takes his 1066 Executive Order to the VP who’s creepily all for it. But President Wayne won’t endorse any detention centers. The Constitution is always valid and we can’t be governed by fear. Or some such speech.

Chloe finishes up working on the engineer image which turns out to be Morris himself. He just left for the hospital. Chloe reaches him on the phone and alerts him that the brother in the blast was a ruse. Unfortunately Morris doesn’t have time to escape from McCarthy’s clutches and he’s whisked away by gunpoint. Gray feels quite proud of himself that Jack was distracted from what’s really going on by his confession about the past. He’s certain he can hold any mud. We’re not sure what he means by that but Papa Bauer isn’t convinced. He kills Gray, then tells the remaining CTU guys Gray had a seizure and it’s their fault. Line of the hour: “I’ve seen what happens when you try to protect people.”


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